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wheel of life... January 15, 2014

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Something very beautiful I just watched and wanted to share. It’s a film by André Gidoin & The Makerie Studio.

All filmed in camera, the horses on the carousel are spaced to spin in sync with the camera’s frame rate, creating the illusion of motion. Each one is carefully studied to follow the one before it, so that once animated they appear to be galloping.

I also loved the music. It’s by Marcus Loeber.

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30% OFF SALE... December 26, 2013

All your favourite Upon A Fold goods are now reduced by 30%. (International customers receive a further 10% off due to tax exemptions.)


Justine xoxo

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foodie finds... October 30, 2013

Yummy new finds have just been added to the shop. Admire them here. xx

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blog break... July 29, 2013

babyshoes Hello again. It has been a while I know. I just wanted to share some happy news :) Matt and I just became parents to our little boy Maro. All is wonderful and we’re so excited to have him with us after 9 long months!

I’m taking a short break from blogging so I can give the little guy my undivided attention. The shop will run as normal and you can find me over at Instagram in the meantime. See you back here soon. Wish me luck! xo

Image: The beautiful baby shoes shown above are made entirely of handmade washi. Even the laces and stitching thread are washi. Via Japan Style.

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the makerie studio... June 19, 2013

themakeriemad_5 themakeriemad_6 themakeriemad_8 themakeriemad_10 themakeriemad_4 themakeriemad_13 themakeriemad_14 themakeriemad_3 themakeriemad_2 themakeriemad_12
Julie Wilkinson and Joyanne Horscroft are The Makerie Studio, a creative collaboration producing unique three dimensional paper sculptures for both commercial and artistic purposes. Here are some of their more recent works. These guys are amazing. See more of their work here.

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the 2013 upon a fold sale... June 5, 2013

Our BIGGEST sale has just begun! Yep, all your favourite Upon A Fold goodies are now reduced by 30%! Please tell all your paper-loving friends.

Are you an international customer? If so, a further 10% deduction will be made at checkout due to tax exemptions.


Justine xo

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UPPERCASE stationery issue... May 29, 2013

uppercase17 I so much enjoy writing for print, especially when the printed matter is the beautiful UPPERCASE Magazine. The latest issue 17 is all about stationery and paper, paper, paper! If you love stationery then you will really love this issue and I hope you’ll enjoy my little Renaissance in Stationery story (pg 54) too!

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nicola moss... May 28, 2013

nicolamoss_2 nicolamoss_10 nicolamoss_3 nicolamoss_12 nicolamoss_8 nicolamoss_11 nicolamoss_4 nicolamoss_6 nicolamoss_1 nicolamoss_5 nicolamoss_7 nicolamoss_13
My tiny but tough 4WD and I have enjoyed many road trips throughout Australia. It’s such a big country with a vast and diverse landscape that is so distinctively Australian. So when I first saw these hand cut works by artist Nicola Moss I knew she must have been an Aussie. There was something very familiar about her flora forms and paper cut landscapes. I really love her work – it makes me want to go exploring this beautiful country once again.

Nicola Moss bases her work on observations of ecological relationships within the natural environment. She develops her research through numerous site visits. Moss’ interest lies in how people connect, shape and interact with the natural environment, through development, conservation and culture. – SGAR

Images courtesy of Nicola Moss // Spiro Grace Art Rooms (SGAR)

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hiroko takeda... May 27, 2013

hirokotakeda_10 hirokotakeda_3 hirokotakeda_2 hirokotakeda_4 hirokotakeda_5 hirokotakeda_6
hirokotakeda_8 hirokotakeda_1 hirokotakeda_9
Beautiful textiles by Hiroko Takeda. Something I stumbled upon today that I just had to share. xx

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kanako yaguchi's kirigami... May 23, 2013

kanakoyaguchi_11 kanakoyaguchi_1 kanakoyaguchi_7 kanakoyaguchi_6 kanakoyaguchi_9 kanakoyaguchi_5 kanakoyaguchi_8 kanakoyaguchi_3 kanakoyaguchi_10
kanakoyaguchi_4 kanakoyaguchi_2
I’m really looking forward to an exhibition titled KIRIGAMI: Scissors + Paper, that will be held at the Japan Foundation Gallery later this month. The exhibition belongs to the wonderfully talented kirigami artist Kanako Yaguchi. Kanako’s fascination with kirigami began over 15 years ago. She now travels the globe exhibiting her beautifully cut works and demonstrating her skillful way with scissors.

Combine the Japanese words for kiru (to cut) and kami (paper), and you get kirigami – like origami, but with scissors. The wonder of kirigami is in its simplicity, with everyday objects coming together to create playful kaleidoscopes of colour and form. – The Japan Foundation, Sydney.

The Japan Foundation in Sydney is hosting a number of events where you can meet the artist and learn how to make kirigami works of your own! For more information about the exhibition and other events please click here.

(Images // KANAKO YAGUCHI, kirigami works.)

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