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a washi workshop // part two... May 13, 2013

Old factory machinery (above) and Chiaki keeping an eye on our progress (below).

Adding lovely colourful things to our paper. ogawa_16
After the sheets have been pressed down they are separated for brushing. ogawa_17
Large brushes are used to smooth the sheets of damp paper onto boards to dry. ogawa_18 ogawa_19
Whilst our paper lay in the sun to dry, we took a drive and enjoyed the local scenery.
ogawa_20 ogawa_21
Our papers almost dry and ready for taking home. ogawa_22
The best part was knowing we had made these papers from scratch with our own two hands. Learning the process was as rewarding as collecting our final pieces.
Kamo’s little shop of handmade washi works is filled with beautiful original pieces. ogawa_24
These washi baskets were my favourite things. ogawa_26
The Ogawa-machi Washi Teaching Centre is a pretty special place. I wrote a bit about its beginnings in part one but here are some more images to show you just how unique this place really is. The town itself is quite interesting and definitely worth wandering into. The scenery of nearby mountains and rivers is also spectacular. If you can hire a car or bike then you will really get to see everything this wonderful town has to offer. Oh, and there’s another Washi place you must visit when you’re there too. It’s set on lush green grounds and has a beautiful little historic hut you can walk through. I’ll blog about it next, along with pictures of the town and a few other places to note. x

If you’re interested in doing a workshop with Kamo, please email her over at washitaiken@au.wakwak.com

images © upon a fold

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a gift card offer... May 1, 2013

We have a special and lovely gift card offer in the shop for a limited time only. If you love our collection of cards please do take a look. xx

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zoe bradley... April 30, 2013

zoebradley_1 zoebradley_2 zoebradley_4 zoebradley_3 zoebradley_6 zoebradley_8 zoebradley_5 zoebradley_7
I’ve loved Zoe Bradley’s work for years now but recently I was reminded of her amazing talent via Twitter. Using traditional tailoring techniques with paper, Zoe creates beautifully crafted headpieces, dresses, window installations and spectacular sets for many high end fashion brands.
Zoe recently joined Twitter – you can follow her here.

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a washi workshop // part one... April 24, 2013

Beating fibres down with a wooden mallet or as Kamo and Chiaki present below (to our Aussie sporting delight), a cricket bat.

After soaking the dried kozo (shown on crates above) we scraped off the outer bark. ogawa_3
Separating the outer and inner bark. ogawa_4
After scraping, the inner bark is soaked in water and impurities removed by hand. ogawa_5
That’s Matt below, vigorously mixing our kozo pulp in water with a slimy liquid called Neri. Neri is extracted from the plant Tororo-aoi. It helps the kozo fibres to float and distribute evenly in the water.

Matt’s collection of leaves and petals to use in his handmade washi. ogawa_7
Kamo demonstrates the next few steps. ogawa_8
Matt getting guidance from the experts. Kamo and Chiaki were wonderful teachers. ogawa_9
The finest layer of pulp covers the bamboo screen to form our first sheet of washi. ogawa_10
Lovely little petals to add colour to our washi. ogawa_11 ogawa_12 ogawa_13
A while back I wrote a story for UPPERCASE Magazine telling of my creative adventure in a small town called Ogawa-machi in Japan. It was a paper inspired pilgrimage to learn everything there was to learn about making Japanese washi the traditional way.

Matt and I were invited to visit a papermaking workshop there, by paper artist and local resident Chiaki Morita. I blogged about Chiaki’s beautiful work and studio space here. I really meant to share this wonderful experience with you guys earlier – sorry! Better late than never though – so here I go.

Ogawa-machi is a picturesque town in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. It’s an easy train ride north of Tokyo to a region once well-known for its washi production. The area is blessed with an abundance of natural resources perfect for making washi. A cool climate and a steady stream of chilled mountain water once attracted more than 700 papermaking producers to this region alone. But over time the demand for washi in Japan diminished and sadly so did the industry. Only a handful of papermaking places remain in the area. Nowadays it’s more known for its organic farming and sake brewing.

The Ogawa-machi Washi Teaching Centre is a rare and historic place. Artist and papermaker Kamo Takako runs the centre and with decades of papermaking experience she knows all there is to know about washi. Kamo took over the premises from a former paper manufacturing company. All the old papermaking machinery remains scattered throughout the factory. It’s like a papermaking museum with original fixtures, antique interiors, rusty old tools, and a wonderfully aged exterior. The wooden factory structure dates back 100 years. I took so many photos. I just couldn’t stop. It was like taking a step back in time.

Our papermaking workshop took place among all this history. We really couldn’t ask for a better backdrop. Chiaki joined us as we got to work. She used to work here so learning the finer details of papermaking from her and Kamo really was amazing.

To be continued… (lots more to come)

images © upon a fold

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new + beautiful finds... April 18, 2013

Click here to see the newest arrivals to the Upon A Fold shop. They are all beautifully unique and I hope you love them lots! xx

image © upon a fold

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pinpricks on paper by miso... April 5, 2013

miso_2 miso_3 miso_4 miso_1 miso_5 miso_7 miso_8 miso_10 miso_6 miso_9
I’m really looking forward to seeing this exhibition by Miso. I imagine the process of making these drawings one pinprick at a time, would be rather meditative.

Everywhere I Have Ever Been
April 9, 2013 – May 5, 2013

MiCK (the gallery)
44 Gurner St Paddington NSW
Sydney Australia 2021
+61 2 9332 2779

Images courtesy of everywhereihavebeen.com // mickthegallery.com

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nishimoto ryota... March 22, 2013

nishimotoryota_1 nishimotoryota_4 nishimotoryota_3 nishimotoryota_2 nishimotoryota_5
Enjoying the simplicity of these forms by Nishimoto Ryota.

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marine coutroutsios... March 21, 2013

marinecoutroutsios_2 marinecoutroutsios_6
marinecoutroutsios_1 marinecoutroutsios_5 marinecoutroutsios_3 marinecoutroutsios_4
I got to meet so many paper loving people at our pop-up shop earlier this year. Marine Coutroutsios came by one afternoon and we got chatting about life, paper and travels :) She recently left her hometown in France and is now living in Sydney. She cuts beautiful things from paper and she can often be found in an inner city cafe somewhere sipping coffee whilst meticulously cutting her next creation.
See her at work here. Welcome to Sydney Marine!

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papier à êtres... March 18, 2013

papieraetres_1 papieraetres_3 papieraetres_5 papieraetres_4 papieraetres_6 papieraetres_7 papieraetres_2
papieraetres_8 My recent delve into the world of handmade paper led me to these beautiful paper works by Sophie Mouton-Perrat and Frédéric Guibrunet from Papier à êtres.

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the papermaker’s studio guide ... March 12, 2013

hiebertfilm_3 hiebertfilm_5 hiebertfilm_2 hiebertfilm_1 hiebertfilm_6 hiebertfilm_7 hiebertfilm_8 hiebertfilm_4
Since my last trip to Japan (where I was taught how to make paper), I’ve been thinking of setting up a little papermaking nook of my own. I’m seeking expert guidance from papermaker Helen Hiebert on how best to do this. I just ordered the The Papermaker’s Package from her online store that includes The Papermaker’s Studio Guide DVD and The Papermaker’s Companion Book. Together they’ll guide me on how to set-up a papermaking studio, plus explore different papermaking techniques and processes. I can’t wait to start!

I blogged about Helen’s work a while back, here. Her paper forms truly astonish me.

P.S. This is not a sponsored or paid post. You won’t find those on this blog. I’m sharing these links, as I think many of you may be interested in setting up papermaking nooks of your own :) xo

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