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pure white paper... January 30, 2013

lihongbo_8 lihongbo_3 lihongbo_4 lihongbo_7 lihongbo_9
lihongbo_1 lihongbo_2 lihongbo_5 lihongbo_6
This video by Dominik Mersch Gallery in Sydney shows the brilliance that is Li Hongbo’s paper forms. What appear to be solid plaster sculptures are actually layers of paper that have been glued together to form accordion-like forms with astounding expanding capability.

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upon a fold's pop-up paper show + shop... January 25, 2013

popup_9 popup_1 popup_2 popup_6 popup_3 popup_20 popup_5 popup_12 popup_15 popup_18 popup_11 popup_10 popup_16 popup_7 popup_14 popup_4 popup_17 popup_19 popup_8 popup_13
Just before Christmas I visited Masuda Gallery on a mission to find a beautiful gift to place under the tree for my mum. I found the most delicate little celadon vase, and well to my delight it was mission complete within just a few minutes of entering the gallery. The rest of the afternoon was spent talking with gallery owner Masako. She was about to embark on another treasure hunting trip to Japan and I was so excited to hear about her plans. I was even more excited when she asked if I wanted to take over the gallery space whilst she was away! Um, yes please!!

I was so happy to start organising Upon A Fold’s first pop-up shop. Finally, all the beautiful Japanese goods I’ve collected could be exhibited in a charming Sydney space for all to enjoy. I couldn’t think of a better way to start the New Year for my little shop of folds.

My Pop-Up Paper Show + Shop is now open. Here are some pictures for those of you who can’t get here, but if you’re in town and love paper then please come along!

Upon A Fold’s Pop-Up Paper Show + Shop

January 16 – February 2
Wednesday – Saturday
11.00am – 5.00pm
(Closed on Australia Day, January 26.)

Masuda Gallery
28-30 Surrey Street
Darlinghurst, Sydney
NSW 2010


For more information please email us at hello@uponafold.com.au or call (02) 80844686.

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kazuhito takadoi... January 23, 2013

kazuhitotakadoi_9 kazuhitotakadoi_8 kazuhitotakadoi_11 kazuhitotakadoi_6 kazuhitotakadoi_7 kazuhitotakadoi_3 kazuhitotakadoi_12 kazuhitotakadoi_2 kazuhitotakadoi_10
Kazuhito Takadoi uses handmade washi and homegrown grass to create these beautiful hand-threaded works. He attributes the lush natural environment which surrounded him as a child growing up in Nagoya Japan, to be a strong influence for his desire to use only natural materials in his work today. Kazuhito is a horticulture and art graduate – this sounds like a match made in heaven to me!

(Images courtesy of Jaggedart and Balman Gallery.)

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hiih paper lights... January 18, 2013

hiih_7 hiih_12 hiih_5 hiih_11
hiih_4 hiih_8 hiih_6 hiih_10 hiih_3 hiih_2 hiih_14
This film is so beautiful and inspiring, and well I may have watched it a dozen times already, but each time I notice something new and I’m inspired all over again. It’s the story of two artists, Lâm Quảng and Kestrel Gates, a husband-wife team who work together to make handmade paper lights. HiiH Lights (pronounced ‘Hi Hi’) can be found here.

I really enjoy discovering how things are made. Here is Lâm and Kestrel’s process for those of you who would like to know more.

The Process
The first step is to form the armature. We use wire or bamboo, designing each lamp with the light fixture in mind for proper heat ventilation. The armature can be any form, shape or size. Often inspiration comes from flowers, sea creatures, insects, or an Asian aesthetic. The paper is made of an abaca and cotton blend, using a mold and deckle to form sheets. The sheets are pressed with an eight-ton press to bind the fibers. We apply the damp paper to the armature one panel at a time. No glue is used, just a soft brush to fold back the edges onto themselves forcing the fibers to bond together. Once the paper has dried taut, the piece is painted with watercolor paint using brushes and airbrushes. When the paint is dry a resin is applied, acting as a protective layer that strengthens the lamp structurally and gives the paper a translucent, glowing quality. The final step is to configure the electrical components, at which point the light is ready for installation.

Watch the film here.

Thank you to the director of this film, Tristan Stoch for sending me the video. Cinematography by Sean Grasso.

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the office... January 18, 2013

theoffice_1 theoffice_2 theoffice_3 theoffice_4
New paper work by Paper Donut aka Alexis Facca. Photographed by Tom Joye.
The Office is made entirely of paper. Alexis modeled this series on the prestigious Walter R. Cooper offices in London. Thanks for the pics Alexis.

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pop-up paper show + shop... January 15, 2013

I’m so excited to let you guys know that we are opening our very first pop-up paper show + shop in Sydney tomorrow!

We are thrilled to have been invited by Masuda Gallery to showcase our collection of Japanese goods. So come and discover a beautiful world of paper and folds as well as a selection of Japanese pottery, prints and other antique pieces from the Masuda Gallery collection.

Come say hello! xx


January 16 – February 2
Wednesday – Saturday
11.00am – 5.00pm
(Closed on Australia Day, January 26.)

Masuda Gallery
28-30 Surrey Street
Darlinghurst, Sydney
NSW 2010


For more information please email us at hello@uponafold.com.au or call (02) 80844686.

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small wonders... October 30, 2012

Above Pencil Tower via Route373. Below Uluru paper weight by Masahiro Minami.

Dreamy glass houses by Mellow. finds_6 finds_4
Drawers of Present, Past, and Future by Masahiro Minami.
Miniature concrete blocks by Kawai Kouji via Route373. finds_9
Beautiful folds by Nishiyama Sayo via Route373.
A few beautiful things I’ve been admiring lately. I especially love the Drawers of Present, Past, and Future. The handmade set of three drawers are marked for keeping precious things from your past, present and well, future. So sweet.

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euclid's elements... October 22, 2012

helenfriel_4 helenfriel_1 helenfriel_2 helenfriel_5 helenfriel_3 helenfriel_6 helenfriel_7 helenfriel_8 helenfriel_10
New work by London based paper engineer Helen Friel for The Luxe Project by MOO. I’m so in love with these paper models of Oliver Byrne’s Euclid’s Elements.
All proceeds made from this project go to the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.

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folding flair... October 15, 2012

mariaprada_1 mariaprada_3 mariaprada_2 mariaprada_14 mariaprada_11
mariaprada_5 mariaprada_8 mariaprada_10 mariaprada_4 mariaprada_12 mariaprada_9 mariaprada_13
So I’m guessing Spanish architect and designer María Prada has a thing for folds too. Aren’t these brilliant?! She also makes beautiful folded brooches – they’re available via her Etsy shop here.

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folds by artecnica... October 4, 2012

themis_6 themis_5 themis_4 themis_2 themis_3 themis_1
I’m loving the new range of Themis mobiles by Clara von Zweigbergk for Artecnica.

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