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A little peek into the world of paper artistry

paper-wood... March 19, 2010


Drill Design from Japan specialise in product design. Their latest project has given rise to a new material they call Paper-Wood which is composed of wood veneer and colourful sheets of recycled paper.

drill_5 drill_3

I came across Drill Design a couple of years ago and have kept a close eye on their work ever since. Paper has been the material of choice for many of their products, one of which we are lucky enough to have in our store – the Sectional Globe.


Paper-Wood has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for designers looking to create objects and furniture that are both light weight, well-built and sturdy.


There are two designers behind the inventive products of Drill Design, they are Yusuke Hayashi and Yoko Yasunishi. Together they seek out to create innovative designs using the latest in production technology.

These Paper-Wood stools come in a variety of heights that cater to adults and little ones too. The layers really remind me of Licorice Allsorts and don’t you just love the colours?


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cast paper... March 18, 2010


Artist Leonardo Drew is mostly known for his powerful and large-scale sculptural installations, which incorporate found materials such as paper, wood, tree branches, roots and mud. His cast paper sculptures (pictured above and below) were made to remind us of the remnants of everyday life. Oh yes, I think I just spotted my vacuum cleaner, shoe and trombone! I never knew clutter and mess could look so good. I'm beginning to think tidiness is so overrated!

View more of Leonardo's work from a recent exhibition at Sikkema Jenkins & Co Gallery in NYC.

leonardodrew_1 leonardodrew_3 leonardodrew_4

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origata for the soul... March 15, 2010


Once upon a time Nobuhiro Yamaguchi, the founder of the Origata Design Institute in Japan came across a second-hand book about the art of origata and decided it was time to bring this ancient tradition of wrapping back to life.

Origata is quite simply the art of gift wrapping. It dates back to the Muromachi period (1333-1573) a time where wrapping and the presentation of gifts was considered as important as giving the gift itself. What Yamaguchi has done is taken the often complicated folds used in this era and simplified them for modern day life.


Origata differs from the gift wrapping we know with its unique method of only partly concealing the gift inside. In traditional areas of Japan it was considered impolite to open a gift in front of the gift giver, so you can see how a little origata gift exposure came to be.

origata_3 origata_5

The real beauty of Origata however, is in its folds and the meaning behind those folds. For example, a good luck fold is created by folding to the front and right of a package, creating a small opening to the left side. This is said to convey a feeling of overwhelming happiness. Then there is the fold of misfortune, where the fold is on the left side expressing the giver’s sympathy for the recipient. There are many different folds with many different meanings. I just love that the folds have their own silent language. It’s so beautiful.

origata_2 origata_7

I can’t wait to visit the Origata Design Institute in Tokyo later this year. It really is my idea of heaven on earth. We are lucky enough to have one of their paper products in our store as of today! So take a look at the very beautiful Hexagonal House (pictured below). It is one of my favourite finds and we hope to be able to bring you lots more from Origata in the future.


Oh and btw there are 12 new and wonderful products in the shop today! YIPPEE!

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airmail... March 13, 2010


I really have a weakness for stationery with clouds on it. I don't know why, just something about clouds makes me feel all comfy and cosy. So when I came across this paper work titled Airmail by British artist Holly Ormrod I felt, well comfy and cosy!


Take a look at Holly's gorgeous online portfolio and make sure you check out Bookworm too. It's seriously adorable stuff!

ormrod_3 ormrod_4

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crumpled... March 12, 2010


Crumpled art by German artist Christiane Feser.


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a little peek into our home... March 10, 2010


Thank you to Lucy at The Design Files for this lovely post today! And thank you also to my very talented sister Cherine who took the photographs! I tell you, it's handy having a photographer in the family!

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paper, stitch and sew... March 9, 2010


Hirinori Inada is the designer behind StitchandSew from Japan. His mission or creative process involves "rethinking and redesigning everyday items, making them easier to use." Inada sets out to create objects that are not only beautifully crafted but functional too. I love these paper bags! They are so simple and so cool. I'm going now to see if I can get them into the shop. Wouldn't that be nice!!!


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perfect paper pleats... March 9, 2010

richardsweeney_2 Sometimes when I come across an object made from paper I wonder how? How can it be made of paper? And how was it folded so perfectly, without a kink or crease in sight? If you have ever tried making a three dimensional form from paper you would know that patience and skill are the order of the day. Which leads me to the conclusion that artist Richard Sweeney is both a patient and skillful man!


These are his 2010 works which he folded using wet watercolour paper. Most of these will be exhibited at the Affordable Art Fair, Battersea Park London, 11th-14th March 2010. So if you are lucky enough to live nearby, here's your opportunity to get up close and personal!




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build your own eiffel... March 5, 2010


These 'eiffel' stools bare a striking resemblance to a structure I once visited in France ; ) You'll be happy to know they are earth friendly and made from pure pulp and recycled paper.


They are durable, flexible and come flat packed (Ikea like) ready for you to assemble. Shigeki Fujishiro designed these stools with comfort and ease of movement in mind. If you check out his website you must take a look at his pinball machine design too. It's simply awesome!

eiffel_4 eiffel_3

I found these stools whilst window shopping at Cargo27. They have a beautiful selection of all sorts of goods so it's definitely worth a look!

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UPPERCASE finds upon a fold... March 5, 2010


UPPERCASE is a magazine for the creative and curious. I have LOVED this magazine since issue 1! It's a quarterly magazine printed on very lovely paper and you can get it from the extremely awesome magnation. So anyway, I was scrolling through my very long list of unread feeds - 987 to be exact, and found this (see below)! Word is really traveling fast and I'm finding it all VERY exciting!


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