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A little peek into the world of paper artistry

a paper chair, dress and adorable teddy... March 4, 2010


Architect Ryuji Nakamura creates the most beautiful objects with paper. In 2004 he established his own studio, working in the fields of industrial and landscape design, architecture, interior and furniture design. His pieces are surprisingly strong thanks to the clever way in which the paper is constructed. So even though I could not actually bring myself to sit on one of his pristine white chairs, they are completely functional as chairs! Here are some of my favourite works of his. I especially love that dress!

ryuji_2 ryuji_5 ryuji_3 ryuji_4

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zim and zou... March 3, 2010

penguin_1 Zim and Zou are a graphic design duo from France. Thibault Zimmermann (Zim) works with digital art, illustration, photography and web design. Lucie Thomas (Zou) works with handmade crafts, paper and other materials. Here is their latest project - a gorgeous poster for a snowboarding contest for clients Réglisse & Coconut. I must say Mr Penguin, you are just so cute!

penguin_2 penguin_3

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so impressed!... March 3, 2010

uponafold_8 So here they are as promised. Straight from the press! Ah, so nice and flat. I just don't know if I could live without my book press.

uponafold_9 I bought it about 10 years ago from an antique store and have been lugging it around ever since. I tend to move a lot too. 12 times in 14 years to be exact. Removalists don't ever believe me when I tell them it's a two man job. I've seen it time and time again. They flex their muscles and attempt to pick it up on their own. Then out comes the groan followed by a yell to the second guy for help. There was this one occasion though... a big Russian ex-bodybuilder was the removalist that day. I warned him about it. He laughed and with one single handed swoop he picked up the press and casually carried it to the truck, in the same manner I grab for my handbag. Astonishing! Anyway it's a good thing I have finally found a nice little place to call home for a while. So removalists out there, you can RELAX!

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800 for eats... March 2, 2010

800eats_2 800 for eats make delicious food and drinks, using only local produce. Their focus is making original foods that use Japanese ingredients and traditional culinary methods. I love their packaging. It's so simple and so beautiful. The images below show their Lemongrass Tea. It actually looks like grass! I found these on designshop, a great Japanese online store you should definitely check out! They showcase a beautiful collection of Japanese designed objects that have one thing in common - timeless design.


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chillout session... March 2, 2010

uponafold_6 When I need a little downtime I fold! Which is handy when one designs ones own business card to be such high maintenance! What was I thinking? We just finished folding this lot and they look so cute. We had to share them with you. Now over to the book press they go! I'll post a pic of them coming out of the press tomorrow.


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paper relief... February 27, 2010

schubert_2 German artist Simon Schubert has been making art with paper and tiny folds for quite some time. He has perfected the art of paper relief and his play with negative and positive space means the details in each of his works change depending on your viewpoint. I really love the tactile nature of his works. He is represented by Kudlek van der Grinten Galerie in Cologne. And you can see more of his paper works here. Most of these images are from his 2009 collection so I'm really looking forward to seeing what he creates in 2010!

schubert_1 schubert_3 schubert_4

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andrea russo's tessellations... February 26, 2010

andrearusso_1 Andrea Russo creates the most beautiful tessellations. I'm always on Flickr looking at his latest paper masterpieces. They blow me away! I find them fascinating. Here are a few of my favourites (I could have easily chosen 20 more!) for you to admire. If you would like to see more of Andrea's work then visit his photostream here.

andrearusso_2 andrearusso_6 andrearusso_3 andrearusso_5 If you would like to make your own tessellation and don't know how then look here for free diagrams from Eric Gjerde, a tessellations pro. You can also buy his book from our store.

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"I ne'er saw true beauty till this night"... February 25, 2010

happycentro_1 I LOVE these so much! I love how graphic they are, how colourful they are, how they show both forms - flat and folded. Hmmm, maybe there is so much love here because PaperObjects was conceived in the city of love, Romeo and Juliet's Verona and also the home of Happycentro - a design studio that say 'complexity, order and fatigue' all mixed together is their secret formula to creating beautiful works like these. There is more in the series so hop over to Happycentro and check them out!

happycentro_2 happycentro_3

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engaging invitation... February 24, 2010

awl_1 I love an unfamiliar folded invitation. It makes for a more interesting unfolding!
This wedding invitation was created by Artworklove, - a team of art directors and designers based in Paris. Their creative approach is based on artistic experimentation and a well-considered balance of form and function.

awl_2 awl_3

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stay standing... February 23, 2010

paperdonut_1 This Pyramidal Dress is made entirely of handmade paper pyramids. It's the work of Alexis Facca a.k.a Paper Donut. You can find more images here.


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