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1/100 trees... February 11, 2011

1_100_1 1_100_5 1_100_3 1_100_2 1_100_4 1_100_6
I recently discovered this wonderful new addition to the 1/100 Architectural Model Series, by Terada Mokei. Architect and designer Naoki Terada mentioned he had new things on the way, when I met him last year in Tokyo. Since then he has produced so many new teeny tiny models, that reflect almost every aspect of our everyday lives. I love this collection! And yep, I’ll definitely be getting 1/100 Trees into the shop, as soon as it’s available. For those of you who need a micro model fix right now, 1/100 Home + Family is currently available in the shop.


Patrick Pasques — 12 February at 01:51AM

Simple, but very nice design !!!!

Justine — 13 February at 12:02AM

Thanks Patrick!

Relydesign — 17 February at 01:03AM

Wow I love them!

Jason — 20 March at 10:29AM

I think the Cherry Blossoms are the best.

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