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A4 festival - create, dream + build with paper... May 16, 2011

Stills from an animation by trialanderror for the launch of the festival. Watch it here.

paperfestival_2 paperfestival_3
Still from an animation by trialanderror called Paper Cities. Yep, paper is cool! paperfestival_16
The Paper Convention Collective at The Finders Keepers Market. paperfestival_5
The Paper Convention Collective paper-bomb workshop, instructed by Dear Plastic.
paperfestival_4 paperfestival_6 paperfestival_17 paperfestival_9
A trialanderror paper installation for the Collective at The Finders Keepers Market.
A4 Paper Festival invites, die-cut and folded fun!
What to expect from a Yoshinobu Miyamoto workshop!
Benja Harney’s brilliance with bling.
Anna Gleeson’s paper jewels.
There has been much blogging, tweeting, and chitchat about this very exciting upcoming paper festival and I’m not at all surprised. It’s the first of its kind here in Australia, and it’s going to be amazing!

Presented by The Paper Convention Collective, the A4 Paper Festival in Sydney will showcase amazing paper art by 12 international and Australian artists. Our dear paper folding friend Yoshinobu Miyamoto from Japan will be a guest artist, along with many other inspiring paper artists, including all my Aussie favourites. So if you’re in Sydney, be sure to mark this on your calendar as there’s loads of paper fun to be had starting May 31 through to June 6. You must RSVP to attend the opening night which will be held at The Paper Mill gallery.

The event will include workshops, talks, exhibitions, demonstrations, and more. It’s the brainchild of Lisa Loxley, a passionate paper person and the creative gal behind lox+savvy paper goods.

The lead up to the main event has been non-stop activity for Lisa. I’m not quite sure how she hasn’t collapsed from exhaustion yet!? A genuine passion for paper is what has inspired her every step of the way, through workshops, markets, talks and soon a week long main event! Luckily she has awesome volunteers helping out and a long list of sponsors, venue and media partners, including yours truly.

I was so happy to have been asked to contribute to the A4 Paper Festival. Upon a Fold will be showcasing one amazing paper product, as well as fundraising for Japan. Since so many of you are not be able to attend (including me, but more about that later!) I’ll show you what we created for our display in my next post. It’s colourful and loads of fun to create, and I can’t wait to show you!


satsuki shibuya | zakka nouveau — 17 May at 04:12AM

i wish i could attend!! so dreamy~ paper heaven! thank you for sharing~

angie — 17 May at 04:23AM

wowow! soo pretty!

Lisa Loxley I The Paper Convention Collective — 17 May at 10:34AM

Wow Justine, what a brilliant article.. thank you xo

Linda / PaperPhine — 17 May at 11:08PM

There is still time to catch a plane, no? Perhaps I should just blow my credit card limit and fly around the world! Looks awsome and I’m sure it will be even better!

Ceci — 18 May at 01:14AM

Love the giant rubics cube in the 4th photo! :)

Justine — 18 May at 03:34PM

Thanks for all your comments! I’m pretty sure you still have time to get here Linda!!! And the cube is awesome, I agree Ceci :) My pleasure Lisa – you’re a champion! Thank you Satsuki and Angie too. xo

Oregon Lithoprint — 03 June at 02:17AM

these are so cool! (plus the photos are great)

amourette — 13 June at 12:51PM

these images are amazing. love it!

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