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andrea russo's tessellations... February 26, 2010

andrearusso_1 Andrea Russo creates the most beautiful tessellations. I'm always on Flickr looking at his latest paper masterpieces. They blow me away! I find them fascinating. Here are a few of my favourites (I could have easily chosen 20 more!) for you to admire. If you would like to see more of Andrea's work then visit his photostream here.

andrearusso_2 andrearusso_6 andrearusso_3 andrearusso_5 If you would like to make your own tessellation and don't know how then look here for free diagrams from Eric Gjerde, a tessellations pro. You can also buy his book from our store.


mark — 11 April at 04:30AM

Awesome, I can't believe the sculpture in the last picture is made from paper!!

Justine — 11 April at 12:42PM

I know! It's hard to believe the level of folding magic out there! Brilliant!

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