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blog break... July 29, 2013

babyshoes Hello again. It has been a while I know. I just wanted to share some happy news :) Matt and I just became parents to our little boy Maro. All is wonderful and we’re so excited to have him with us after 9 long months!

I’m taking a short break from blogging so I can give the little guy my undivided attention. The shop will run as normal and you can find me over at Instagram in the meantime. See you back here soon. Wish me luck! xo

Image: The beautiful baby shoes shown above are made entirely of handmade washi. Even the laces and stitching thread are washi. Via Japan Style.


hiki — 06 August at 10:40AM

omg what wonderful news!!! congratulations to you and Matt, and little Maro!! waaaaa♡

maría prada — 09 August at 07:35AM

Congratulations! Thanks for sharing the news!

Ananasa — 13 August at 11:54PM

Congratulations to you both! Absolutely wonderful! And those shoes are by far unbelievably cute!

Ananasa.com- Home For Handmade

Ceci — 27 October at 12:27PM

Haven’t been here a while… so happy to hear your news! Congrats.

Justine — 29 October at 08:11PM

Thank youuuuuuuuu all! xo

paperfan — 25 March at 11:08AM

Wonderfull shoes!!, they are original and the most important are papermade.

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