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build your own eiffel... March 5, 2010


These 'eiffel' stools bare a striking resemblance to a structure I once visited in France ; ) You'll be happy to know they are earth friendly and made from pure pulp and recycled paper.


They are durable, flexible and come flat packed (Ikea like) ready for you to assemble. Shigeki Fujishiro designed these stools with comfort and ease of movement in mind. If you check out his website you must take a look at his pinball machine design too. It's simply awesome!

eiffel_4 eiffel_3

I found these stools whilst window shopping at Cargo27. They have a beautiful selection of all sorts of goods so it's definitely worth a look!


Deb — 06 March at 01:14AM


Justine — 08 March at 09:33AM

I know! Every time I look at them I want one more and more : )

lauren — 12 March at 01:19AM

This work is fantastic!

Justine — 12 March at 09:27AM

Lauren, gorgeous jewelery you make!

Cindy Ann — 14 March at 08:59PM

These stools are awesome!! Is there an US website where I can purchase them.

Justine — 14 March at 10:32PM

Hi Cindy Ann I just did a quick search on Google and found this US based online store that sells them. Happy shopping! http://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/3d-eiffel-stool-design/505149

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