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engaging invitation... February 24, 2010

awl_1 I love an unfamiliar folded invitation. It makes for a more interesting unfolding!
This wedding invitation was created by Artworklove, - a team of art directors and designers based in Paris. Their creative approach is based on artistic experimentation and a well-considered balance of form and function.

awl_2 awl_3


Kari Lønning — 26 February at 01:33PM

So simple, so elegant. Beautiful!

Justine - upon a fold — 26 February at 05:20PM

I know! I especially love the way it wraps itself.

susana — 10 March at 09:09AM

Hi! fallen in love with your website and blog (i've offered some of the itens you have in store - a book and some postcards i've bought in Barcelona and have a wish list for others :))

i've seen this envelope model in a book, or similar, once, and just love it, because you can actually seal it with the stamp... i cannot find the diagram... do you know any link or the name of the model? thank you! **su

Justine — 10 March at 10:38AM

Hi Susana Thanks for your comment! I have not come across a diagram for this but if you look at the first image of the unfolded sheet of paper and follow the score lines you should get the same results! Happy folding :)

susana — 17 March at 10:05AM

i've tryed :) but it's not an A4 sheet of paper, so my proportions are wrong from the start.

I'll just have to try again!

I've posted about Upon a fold again on my blog (http://happyhourideiasfrescas.blogspot.com/2010/03/be-still-my-heart.html) only portuguese, i'm sorry, but the bottom line is, i'm still touched for the beauty of it. thank you so much for your visual and itellectual choices, you make my day...!

be my guest at www.wiseup-greetings.com **s

Justine — 17 March at 08:17PM

Ahh yes of course, we don't know the paper size! It must be custom made. More exploring for you in that case lovely ;)

Why thank you SO much for you blog post. And you chose my favourite Hexagonal House! I'm so happy to hear you are enjoying the blog and I hope to bring you lots more paper goodness in the future!

Lovely site you have. Beautiful patterned stationery. And those colours!!! Good luck with your own creative venture and please keep in touch. xx

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