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gift wrapping with fabric - corner tie wrap... August 1, 2011

Since adding the new fold section to the shop I’ve been playing with fabrics and discovering new ways of wrapping things. I’ve loved wrapping gifts since I was a kid, and well nothing has changed over the years. I used to tell my sister that I wanted to be a professional gift wrapper – is there such a thing?? Anyway, here is a nice way to wrap a gift with fabric. You can download the how-to here. And if you like it, please let me know and I’ll keep on adding more :) Happy folding, friends! xo


Jeannie Hunt — 01 August at 01:04AM

This is a great link with many variations of how to wrap with cloth. Designed by Japanese government. Enjoy! http://www.env.go.jp/en/focus/attach/060403-5.html

Anonymous — 01 August at 08:13AM

I like this pattern and yes, please do add more. Ways to wrap with paper or fabbric are always interesting.

Kate — 01 August at 09:53AM

What a lovely idea – I’ve got a couple of gifts that were sitting waiting for paper and thanks to this are about the be smartly wrapped in offcuts instead! More of these would be fab :)

Merissa — 01 August at 05:52PM

I do love it! The how-to was pretty and so easy to follow. Can’t wait for more! :D

Justine — 01 August at 09:18PM

Jeannie – Yes! I love it and refer to it often. I wish our government did creative things like that too ;)

Anonymous – More on the way!

Kate – That’s great! Thanks for letting me know. I hope you had fun with your offcuts :)

Merissa – Happy to hear my instructions were clear! Thanks for leaving a comment. Yes, stay tuned for more.

Laura@paperthreadjournal — 03 August at 12:24AM

Perfect use for the many many off cuts I have!

Justine — 04 August at 09:38AM

Thanks Laura. I’ll put up more as soon as I have the chance so hold onto those offcuts!

Katie — 07 August at 01:04PM

Super cool. I love the simplicity and the a-symmetry. Thanks so much!

Ceci — 10 August at 02:35AM


zoe — 21 August at 10:53AM

I still tell my sister I’m going to be a professional gift wrapper when I grow up. ;)

Your blog/shop/work is delightful.

kaye — 01 March at 02:54AM

this is very interesting. learned something new today. i’ll try doing this! :)

Marta — 27 March at 06:29AM

I also love wrapping with Furoshiki, but this one is beautiful, thank you.

Justine — 06 April at 12:19AM

Thanks for your lovely comments guys! Glad you enjoyed this one.

mohsen — 16 August at 06:09PM

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