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jum nakao's paper dresses... May 6, 2011

nakao_8 nakao_9 nakao_10
nakao_1 nakao_3 nakao_11 nakao_7 nakao_2 nakao_4 nakao_12 nakao_13 nakao_5 nakao_14
It’s Fashion Week here in Sydney, and even though I don’t know the first thing about fashion, I thought a paper fashion post would be mighty fine right about now.

Wow, aren’t these paper dresses so beautiful? I’ve been staring at them all night. It’s rare to see paper draped like that, as if it were fabric. Brazilian designer Jum Nakao has mastered the art of paper fashion. This dress collection made its debut in 2004 at Sao Paulo’s Fashion Week, in a paper themed runway performance titled Sewing the Invisible. Unbelievably at the end of the show, the models were told to tear up their dresses (yep, this brought a tear to my eye also) “as a reminder that fashion is a medium and not an end in itself”. (Quote sourced from Perfect Paper)


Joseph Wu — 06 May at 02:30PM

The dresses are beautiful (if impractical), but the Playmobil headpieces are just a bit creepy.

Ceci — 07 May at 02:44AM

Incredible works of art!

sundari c — 08 May at 04:53PM

What an amazing thing to dedicate ones life to. Great post. I remember I made some paper dresses back in my first year at art school. I loved it.

Justine — 09 May at 10:38AM

Joseph – So true, impractical indeed! But hey, so are high heels ;) Yep, I think I would definitely categorise these dresses as art suitable for runways, not real-life!

Ceci & Sundari – Thanks for your comments. Yes to incredible and yes to amazing. Love, love, love!

Candice — 10 May at 10:24AM

The detail on these paper dresses are incredible! The delicacy and detail on that first dress takes my breath away.

Peony and Thistle — 10 May at 05:32PM

These are incredible. And to think I have difficulty with wrapping presents….

Krista — 11 May at 11:06AM

These would be incredible wedding dresses.

Justine — 13 May at 08:54AM

Candice – OMG that first dress blew my mind! It’s stunning.
Peony and Thistle – I would love to see how Jum wraps presents!
Krista – Yes, yes, yes!

shipbuilding — 17 May at 04:37PM

At first I thought I was looking at stills from an old film noir movie. I think I love the photography as much as the dresses.

Justine — 17 May at 09:14PM

I completely agree with you Kim. The photography is just beautiful!

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