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kanako yaguchi's kirigami... May 23, 2013

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I’m really looking forward to an exhibition titled KIRIGAMI: Scissors + Paper, that will be held at the Japan Foundation Gallery later this month. The exhibition belongs to the wonderfully talented kirigami artist Kanako Yaguchi. Kanako’s fascination with kirigami began over 15 years ago. She now travels the globe exhibiting her beautifully cut works and demonstrating her skillful way with scissors.

Combine the Japanese words for kiru (to cut) and kami (paper), and you get kirigami – like origami, but with scissors. The wonder of kirigami is in its simplicity, with everyday objects coming together to create playful kaleidoscopes of colour and form. – The Japan Foundation, Sydney.

The Japan Foundation in Sydney is hosting a number of events where you can meet the artist and learn how to make kirigami works of your own! For more information about the exhibition and other events please click here.

(Images // KANAKO YAGUCHI, kirigami works.)


marine — 23 May at 09:38PM

Her work is amazing, I really want to go to the exhibition! Also I love how she uses the patterns on clothes and accessories!

Ceci — 24 May at 12:04AM

Gorgeous! Love the applications :)

Artist in LA LA Land — 27 May at 06:56AM

These are so gorgeous. I cannot believe them. How fun that she’ll have an exhibition of her art.

freshly found — 05 June at 10:10PM

Beautiful work. Wow she is talented.

Marie-Helene Grabman — 05 June at 10:36PM

Love your work! If you ever have a U.S. exhibition, let me know! The Guild of American Papercutters would like to do an article about kirigami. Would you have a biography and photos of your work for our publication, FirstCut? I am past president of the Guild. You can see my work, traditional scherenschnitte, on my website. Marie-Helene

Cheryl B. — 07 June at 01:29PM

Breathtaking; intricate yet such beautiful simplicity. What an amazing talent you possess.

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