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kazuhito takadoi... January 23, 2013

kazuhitotakadoi_9 kazuhitotakadoi_8 kazuhitotakadoi_11 kazuhitotakadoi_6 kazuhitotakadoi_7 kazuhitotakadoi_3 kazuhitotakadoi_12 kazuhitotakadoi_2 kazuhitotakadoi_10
Kazuhito Takadoi uses handmade washi and homegrown grass to create these beautiful hand-threaded works. He attributes the lush natural environment which surrounded him as a child growing up in Nagoya Japan, to be a strong influence for his desire to use only natural materials in his work today. Kazuhito is a horticulture and art graduate – this sounds like a match made in heaven to me!

(Images courtesy of Jaggedart and Balman Gallery.)


graca — 23 August at 01:31PM

Love your work

graca — 23 August at 01:32PM

Love your work

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