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marlis maehrle... June 20, 2012

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For more than a decade papermaker and artist Marlis Maehrle has lived and worked from this beautiful 80 year old studio that was once a letterpress print shop. Located in a small town called Winnenden in Germany, the studio attracts visitors from all over the region and is well known for its biannual arts and crafts market.

I love Marlis’s paper works so, so much. Her pieces are made from paper she handcrafts herself. I love their lightness and translucency.

Artist quote:

“To me, the most magical things are three-dimensional objects made of translucent papers, holding the form with an unbelievable strength never expected of such a delicate material.

Paper is a versatile material full of poetry, strong and delicate, translucent and firm, smooth and structured, created in water, shaped with water, folded, collaged, embossed, crushed, painted, printed … the world of paper offers vast horizons.“

Marlis is sadly waving goodbye to her beautiful studio next year. But before she goes she’s having one last market event where you will find her beautiful paper works alongside many other artists handcrafted works. So if you happen to be in Germany later in the year be sure to mark this one in your diary!

November 23 – 25, 2012
Marbacher Str. 25
71364 Winnenden
+49 (0) 7195 94 12 36


Julie @tractorgirl — 25 June at 10:30AM

paper heaven indeed… such respect for the material

Chris Ruston — 07 August at 06:54AM

Your work is so beautiful. I love what you achieve with paper, and how you describe it’s versatility. Thank you for sharing. It is a real inspiration.

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