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maryse dugois... September 26, 2012

marysedugois_1 marysedugois_5 marysedugois_4 marysedugois_6 marysedugois_3 marysedugois_7 marysedugois_2 marysedugois_9 marysedugois_13 marysedugois_10 marysedugois_11 marysedugois_8
Inspired by nature, French artist Maryse Dugois creates these beautiful forms using translucent paper. I really love the intermingling of paper and light.


Winnifred — 26 September at 05:24PM

These are stunning. Love the use of light.

val — 26 September at 05:43PM

quel impressionnant travail

Rachel — 04 October at 05:33PM

très, très beau…

Michelle Murray-Beckmann — 07 October at 12:30PM

So so beautiful…

Daniel — 27 August at 03:55PM

Hello Justine, Thanks for sharing these wonderful works of paper art. Amazing objects ! Actually, I’m learning the Hanji(Traditional Korean paper) lighting art in Seoul & your blog is the best collection of paper artistry I’ve ever seen. I can read your great passion for paper art from the blog. I’d be glad to share with you the works of Jonginamoo gallery. http://www.douban.com/photos/album/82360965/

Linda — 10 April at 08:48AM

You have blown my mind

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