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master of origami - dinh giang... March 9, 2011

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There’s origami, and then there’s Dinh Giang’s origami. It’s truly magical stuff!
I love origami with its abundance of folds, and there is something really special about Dinh Giang’s mastery of this folding art. Maybe it’s the way he embraces the curve alongside the fold? Or maybe it’s his use of the wet folding technique, that produces such extraordinary pieces? I don’t really know what it is, but I’ve been an admirer for years, and often wondered, how in the world he can make a simple piece of paper come to life – time and time again.


BohèmeCircus — 10 March at 06:56PM

What a wonderful work! I love also the origami. Yes, it is magic to see how a simple paper can take life… the work of this artist is really fabulous. Thank you for making him to us discover !

Justine — 10 March at 09:22PM

BohèmeCircus – Happy you made the discovery :) Thanks for your comment!

Bronwyn lloyd — 18 March at 11:06AM

I am blown away by these pieces. They have such life about them that I find it hard to believe they are made from paper. Amazing!

agnes szucs — 24 March at 12:58AM

haha… such an interesting take on origami… so soft. i especially adore the foxes.

:) agnes / iiiinspired

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