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masuda gallery... June 25, 2012

masuda_4 masuda_7
Tsuge Gushi – Handcrafted Japanese boxwood combs. masuda_13
masuda_16 masuda_9
These lamps are made with Katagami paper stencils. Katagami is the Japanese art of making paper stencils for kimono printing. The designs are so incredibly intricate.
Layers of thin washi are bound together and coated with persimmon tannin known as Kakishibu. Kakishibu has strengthening and waterproofing properties. masuda_15
Masako reveals her amazing collection of Katagami stencils.
masuda_5 masuda_18
These intricate designs are cut using knives and punches. masuda_27
The earthy colour comes from the persimmon tannin.
I fell deeply in love with this one. It’s just so beautiful. masuda_21 masuda_17
This was once signage from Masako’s grandfather’s kimono & textile shop in Kyoto. masuda_11
These are her grandfather’s original drawings. Masako has a folder full of them. masuda_24
It seems Masako has inherited her grandfather’s passion for textiles. masuda_3
A Japanese Temari ball. (Te=hand, mari=ball) masuda_12
My eyes lit up when Masako showed me her paper stash from Kyoto.
Kashigata – a handcarved wooden mould for making traditional unbaked sweets. masuda_26 masuda_2
I could not stop admiring these antique hair pins. masuda_10 masuda_14
A bamboo Ikebana basket. masuda_6
Beautiful Sakiori cloth. masuda_23 masuda_8 masuda_19
I’m excited to share with you one of my favourite places here in Sydney. This beautiful little gallery and shop located in my old and most loved neighborhood of Darlinghurst is filled with the most wonderful collection of Japanese treasures both new and old.

Masako Masuda is the curator and owner of Masuda Gallery. She is warm and welcoming and so happy to share her knowledge of Japanese art, craft and culture. I am filled with joy in her company and inspired by all the beautiful things she has collected and put on show for all to enjoy.

If you love Japanese textiles, handicrafts and decorative arts you really must visit this gallery. It is filled with unique vintage pieces that Masako has brought back from her trips to Japan and almost everything is available to buy.

Kazari (meaning adornment in Japanese) is the theme for the current exhibition at Masuda Gallery. It is on until July 7, 2012.

Masuda Gallery
Suite 2, 28-30 Surrey Street
Darlinghurst NSW Australia 2010

images © upon a fold


Julie @tractorgirl — 04 July at 06:39AM

the exquisiteness of Japanese handcrafts is eye-popping. Too too beautiful. The gallery is definitely on my list of things to see next time I visit Sydney

Justine — 04 July at 06:10PM

Hi Julie, Thanks for your lovely words. I hope you enjoy your visit next time you’re in Sydney.

Ceci — 05 July at 11:50AM

And here I thought it was in Japan (and that I could visit when I go to Japan next year!) – until I hit the end of the post!

So beautiful…

Justine — 06 July at 10:01AM

Thanks Ceci. It’s a bit like that actually. It’s easy to feel like you’re in Japan. A great little escape really!

Yoshinobu Miyamoto — 08 April at 09:55AM

You can not find find a place like this even in Japan. We had the excellent exhibit on Katagami in Tokyo, Kyoto and Mie, last year.

You can get flyers of the show at links below.

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