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nicola moss... May 28, 2013

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My tiny but tough 4WD and I have enjoyed many road trips throughout Australia. It’s such a big country with a vast and diverse landscape that is so distinctively Australian. So when I first saw these hand cut works by artist Nicola Moss I knew she must have been an Aussie. There was something very familiar about her flora forms and paper cut landscapes. I really love her work – it makes me want to go exploring this beautiful country once again.

Nicola Moss bases her work on observations of ecological relationships within the natural environment. She develops her research through numerous site visits. Moss’ interest lies in how people connect, shape and interact with the natural environment, through development, conservation and culture. – SGAR

Images courtesy of Nicola Moss // Spiro Grace Art Rooms (SGAR)


Artist in LA LA Land — 29 May at 09:45AM

I think they are amazing. I still think the best paper cut art is by hand even if it can be done with a laser cutter. That is so cool that you recognized the landscapes as Aussie. It makes me want to visit the Outback that much more!

julie@tractorgirl — 27 June at 02:22PM

love the layers over layers, with stained papers. SO texturally intriguing. Yay Aussies!

Jemima Lumley Jewellery — 12 March at 01:15AM

So intricate. Love the patterns and colour.

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