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paper & tokyo - kami no kousakujo... August 3, 2011

Above: Factory entrance. Below: Factory interior. printer_4
Recognise that weave pattern? It’s the Airvase in the making! printer_2
Men at work on the printing press. printer_1
Left: Matt taking a closer look at the beautiful print finishes.
Cut before our eyes. Everything here is done inhouse. printer_3
Handsome machinery everywhere we turn. printer_9
The Kami-Megane knife. printer_6
Busy at work ensuring everything lines up perfectly. printer_5
The paper used to make Tapehooks. printer_7
Below right: Akiyoshi Yamada explaining how it all works. printer_11
For so long I’ve admired the paper creations produced by Kami No Kousakujo from Japan. Kami No Kousakujo is a collaborative project where designers and producers work together to create innovative products made of paper, you know, like the amazing Airvase, Kami-Megane, and the brilliant Broom Broom to name just a few.

On a recent trip to Tokyo we were invited to visit their factory; a place where paper comes to life! I was totally and completely in paper paradise I was! To be in the company of people who love paper as much as I do, and who have made it their life’s work was certainly an experience I’ll never forget. DREAM. COME. TRUE!

Akiyoshi Yamada and Shoko Yamada from Kami No Kousakujo make designers paper dreams come true. They gave us a tour of their factory and it was inspiring to see just how passionate they both are about this ongoing project. They showed us how Tapehooks are made (by wetting and curling tracing paper would you believe!), and even how the Airvases are cut (top secret stuff!). You’d be amazed at how much testing goes on in order to produce these products.

Kami No Kousakujo is all about experimenting and finding new and unusual ways to create with paper. And with many of Japan’s top creative minds involved, it’s not hard to see why this project continues to wow the world with brilliant paper products.

And yep we brought some back with us! There are six new products in the shop today and all of them were produced in this very factory. They are beautiful and brilliant and I’m so excited to have them in the shop. Enjoy! xo

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Kate — 07 August at 09:24PM

I’ve bought and enjoyed many of the products made by these guys. Thanks so much Justine for showing us where it’s all made.

Ceci — 10 August at 02:35AM

Thanks for another great behind-the-scenes peek! :)

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