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paper town friends by robin rosenthal... September 5, 2010

Check out this awesome app I just bought. It’s called Paper Town Friends and yes it’s made entirely of paper. LOVE!

Choose from six characters – a baby, monkey, cat, dinosaur, duck and frog. Now comes the fun! Mix and match clothing from many different categories, with lots of very cute and groovy fashion bits to choose from. Just scroll and scroll until you’ve found the perfect outfit.

papertownfriends_2 papertownfriends_6
There is an amazing 150 items of clothing to choose from, each and every one lovingly handmade with paper by graphic designer and illustrator Robin Rosenthal.

papertownfriends_5 papertownfriends_1
Once you’ve made the outfit you love, you can save it to show all your friends what a super stylist you really are – hehe :) Love your work Robin and thanks for giving my phone a much needed touch of handmade goodness!



MerryDay — 05 September at 03:30PM

Wow! Looks fun. Too bad I don’t have iphone :-P

Lucy — 06 September at 07:43PM

JUSTINE YOU FIND ALL THE GOOD STUFF!!! This is insanely awesome. Thanks for the tip-off!

Lucy x

Justine — 08 September at 01:02AM

Thanks guys xx

Grae — 08 September at 04:08AM

What a cute app! I’m definitely thinking about getting it

Ceci — 09 September at 05:47AM

LOL. Cute!

Noon — 30 October at 12:06AM

BeaUTiful.. BeautiFUL.. bEautiful.. verRY Beautiful!! And I’m in love with the whole blog..

Justine — 04 November at 11:29PM

Noon – Lots of lovely beautiful’s in there!! Thank you.

Pedro — 09 January at 09:32AM

much more useful than all the other app stuff for parents, thank you for this cute stuff

Justine — 14 January at 10:02AM

My pleasure Pedro!

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