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perfect paper pleats... March 9, 2010

richardsweeney_2 Sometimes when I come across an object made from paper I wonder how? How can it be made of paper? And how was it folded so perfectly, without a kink or crease in sight? If you have ever tried making a three dimensional form from paper you would know that patience and skill are the order of the day. Which leads me to the conclusion that artist Richard Sweeney is both a patient and skillful man!


These are his 2010 works which he folded using wet watercolour paper. Most of these will be exhibited at the Affordable Art Fair, Battersea Park London, 11th-14th March 2010. So if you are lucky enough to live nearby, here's your opportunity to get up close and personal!





allyn — 09 March at 10:35AM

incredibly pretty. really enjoying all these paper pieces!

Justine — 09 March at 12:29PM

Glad you are enjoying them! I get so excited when I find new paper works. It's really nice to be able to share them : )

Ceci — 10 March at 06:11AM

So beautiful. Simple yet complex...

marika — 11 March at 05:58PM

wowsers...they truly are amazing...i wonder how long each one would take to make...and how many pieces of paper ended up in the recycling?

Justine — 12 March at 12:45AM

I know. I wish I could watch how it's done. I am truly fascinated!

elisabetta d'andrea — 14 May at 06:10PM

I love paper, and I love your beautiful works!

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