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pinpricks on paper by miso... April 5, 2013

miso_2 miso_3 miso_4 miso_1 miso_5 miso_7 miso_8 miso_10 miso_6 miso_9
I’m really looking forward to seeing this exhibition by Miso. I imagine the process of making these drawings one pinprick at a time, would be rather meditative.

Everywhere I Have Ever Been
April 9, 2013 – May 5, 2013

MiCK (the gallery)
44 Gurner St Paddington NSW
Sydney Australia 2021
+61 2 9332 2779

Images courtesy of everywhereihavebeen.com // mickthegallery.com


marine — 06 April at 12:29AM

I love so much her work! I’m going to the opening night, wiil you be there Justine?

Justine — 08 April at 09:58AM

Hi Marine, I love it too. I won’t get there opening night but I will certainly get there. Enjoy the show.

darabil — 09 April at 06:38AM

I just found your blog and I’m marvelet. Congratulations on your work ;)

Ceci — 19 April at 01:30AM

Stunning! Love the second one.

Oswaldo — 24 July at 02:26AM

Pure beauty!

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