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small wonders... October 30, 2012

Above Pencil Tower via Route373. Below Uluru paper weight by Masahiro Minami.

Dreamy glass houses by Mellow. finds_6 finds_4
Drawers of Present, Past, and Future by Masahiro Minami.
Miniature concrete blocks by Kawai Kouji via Route373. finds_9
Beautiful folds by Nishiyama Sayo via Route373.
A few beautiful things I’ve been admiring lately. I especially love the Drawers of Present, Past, and Future. The handmade set of three drawers are marked for keeping precious things from your past, present and well, future. So sweet.


satsuki shibuya — 30 October at 06:07PM

the mini pencil city is adorable. :)

Justine — 31 October at 12:43PM

Hi Satsuki, It really is and I loved its simplicity. It’s just so cute.

Ceci — 01 November at 07:08AM

Haven’t been here in a few weeks – and look at all these new posts! Love ‘em, as usual. Great finds! :)

Justine — 01 November at 10:05AM

Thanks Ceci!

hiki — 01 November at 11:05AM

Thank you so much for your lovely comment you left on my new shop blog Justine! I am always amazed at all the incredible things you find and share, you really do have great eyes for it! and wow look at these miniature gems – I love the little drawers!!! I look at the tiny paper burger you gave to me every now and then it makes me smile :)

Justine — 05 November at 10:05PM

Thank you Hiki! Your message was so nice to read. Thank you for sharing such kind words. I’ll treasure them. xo

mateja — 11 January at 09:30PM

i really miss your posts, hope you are ok! take care!

Justine — 13 January at 11:23PM

Thank you Mateja. I’m ok :) I will be back really soon I promise! xx

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