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susan stockwell's frills and folds... November 8, 2011

susanstockwell_9 susanstockwell_4 susanstockwell_2 susanstockwell_3 susanstockwell_8 susanstockwell_6 susanstockwell_13 susanstockwell_11 susanstockwell_5 susanstockwell_10 susanstockwell_7 susanstockwell_12
This is what I call a fashion statement. These dresses made of paper maps and money are Susan Stockwell’s sculptural study on colonialism and the British empire. See more of her work here.


Janine Whitling — 08 November at 02:54PM

Stunning work from Susan. Thanks for the post

Wiki — 08 November at 09:19PM

This is a charming place, I love the lightness.My sensibility is satisfied :)

Leyla Torres — 10 November at 04:22AM

Gorgeous and very creative!

amourette — 14 November at 03:04PM

This work is breathtaking!

FranT — 16 November at 12:43AM

these are simply amazing! Thank you for sharing.

Justine — 16 November at 05:21PM

Thanks for all your comments guys. I was so amazed when I found these dresses. It’s wonderful to have a place where I can share them for all to see. xx

Ceci — 17 November at 03:46AM


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