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UPPERCASE finds upon a fold... March 5, 2010


UPPERCASE is a magazine for the creative and curious. I have LOVED this magazine since issue 1! It's a quarterly magazine printed on very lovely paper and you can get it from the extremely awesome magnation. So anyway, I was scrolling through my very long list of unread feeds - 987 to be exact, and found this (see below)! Word is really traveling fast and I'm finding it all VERY exciting!



Ameesha Lee — 05 March at 02:47AM

What a lovely blog!

Ceci — 05 March at 06:55AM

Found you via UPPERCASE. Your site is wonderful. :)

Justine — 05 March at 09:02AM

Thanks guys! Such nice comments to start my day with :) so glad you like the site! xx

Deb — 05 March at 10:26AM

Found you via Uppercase too and I'm smitten - what a wonderful selection of paper goods you've put together. Love it all!

angela liguori — 05 March at 01:06PM

Beautiful blog and absolutely interesting subjects!

Eirian — 05 March at 01:12PM

Love your shop, it makes me smile. I've got to buy me some D-Bros items they're great!

I have added your link to our fav shops on our blog too:


Justine — 05 March at 10:08PM

I'm so happy to hear the blog is a hit and the shop makes you smile :) Thank you everyone for sending your lovely messages. I want to print them and keep them all!

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