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wheel of life... January 15, 2014

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Something very beautiful I just watched and wanted to share. It’s a film by André Gidoin & The Makerie Studio.

All filmed in camera, the horses on the carousel are spaced to spin in sync with the camera’s frame rate, creating the illusion of motion. Each one is carefully studied to follow the one before it, so that once animated they appear to be galloping.

I also loved the music. It’s by Marcus Loeber.


Ceci — 16 January at 06:39AM


Came across this 360 Book by a Japanese artist, and thought of you and your blog:


And Happy New Year!

Marine — 20 January at 09:44PM

Very nice, love it! Thanks for sharing!

justine — 27 January at 03:45PM

Thanks for the link Ceci. The books are incredible.
Happy New Year to you also!

Kev — 21 March at 05:10PM

Amazing stuff. Love the magical movement of the carousel. Great video!

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