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Tori Pochi – Jiro Envelope Set of 3

  1. Iro_iro_tor_4_small
  2. Iro_iro_tor_3_small
  3. Iro_iro_tor_2_small
  4. Iro_iro_tor_1_small

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We did a double-take when we saw this envelope set! Check out the amazing birds nestled side by side. They come as a set of three and are double-sided so you’ll find a delightful coloured bird on either side. Though, you may find you don’t want your cute birds to fly the coup… pity they can’t be trained as homing pigeons! Good for using to give small gifts or money, or something different to send a message in, Tori Pochi consists of three envelopes or pockets. Made in Japan, each of these little works of art measure 9cm x 6cm.

Weight: 18g

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