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Wax Paper Pocket (4 pocket set) - White

  1. Kam_oji_wax_4_small
  2. Kam_oji_wax_5_small
  3. Kam_oji_wax_2_small
  4. Kam_oji_wax_1_small

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These wax paper pockets were designed by Oji Masanori who makes useful and beautiful everyday items drawing on materials and skills found in traditional Japanese craft. The paper pockets are the perfect way to organise those loose bits and pieces which we all have lying around. And they look so nice, too. Store your business cards, bank cards and loyalty cards (and we all have too many of those!) in the small pockets, and the medium-size is perfect for keeping postcards, buttons, loose bits of thread and more. The large pocket is super handy for just about anything that can fold into an A5-sized pocket. Each pocket has a lovely stitching detail which acts as a reinforcement providing extra durability. And just like your favourite pair of jeans – they look better with age! They are designed to show wrinkles, scratches and get that well-weathered look. The set includes two small (110mm x 75mm), one medium (175mm x 125mm) and one large (240mm x 185mm) pocket. Available in both white and brown kraft.

Weight: 17g

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