Upon a Fold

Hexagon House gift boxes (6 pack)

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  2. Kam_ori_hex_1_small
  3. Kam_ori_hex_6_small
  4. Kam_ori_hex_8_small

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If we had to pick one product that best represents what Upon a Fold is all about, this would be it! Here is the most beautiful gift-wrapping idea. This brilliant idea is from a design institute for folding forms – Origata in Japan. The set includes three x A4 sheets and three x A5 sheets. So, six hexagon houses all up. The sheets come flat and scored, so all you have to do is follow the easy folding instructions to put together your very own little wrapped house. What a super special way to wrap a small gift. Gold chord for wrapping around the house is included or you can do what we’ve done and use your own pretty ribbon.

Weight: 85g

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