Upon a Fold

1/100 Coaster Set - No. 3 Savannah (4 pack)

  1. Kam_ter_coa_2_small
  2. Kam_ter_coa_3_small
  3. Kam_ter_coa_1_small
  4. Kam_ter_coa_4_small

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Create your own paper wonderland with these cute paper coasters. There are four coasters in a set and each coaster comes with its own teeny tiny character. There’s a leaping lion, a giant giraffe, an engaging elephant, and two paper people on safari! Made with thick, sturdy and absorbent card, these coasters come in a set of four as pictured above. Designed by Naoki Terada from Terada Design in Japan, these coasters measure 90mm in diameter and have a scale of 1-100.

Weight: 25g

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